Jang Ki Yong and Nana are Killer and Cop Just Walking to Work in New Stills from OCN Drama Kill It

Just regular folks walking to walk is what the drama production team wants us to believe  when we see Nana and Jang Ki Yong in the latest stills from Kill It. The drab concrete jungle background, the matching serviceable and practical long black coats, she’s even in sneakers to be as just a regular gal as possible. But it’s impossible not to marvel at their impressive visuals, his towering height and broad shoulders ending in comically large feet and she’s just so pretty like a top model you run into on the street who still looks like a top model cosplaying a regular human being. They also can act to, Jang Ki Yong more of a natural and Nana really putting in her dues in supporting and then later secondary roles. Time to for two bask in their own spotlight together. Continue reading