Honey Lee and Gong Myung Reunite After Extreme Job for K-movie Killing Romance

There are so many starts and stops right now in K-movie land thanks to COVID-19. Some movies had to halt filming, others delayed start, and even more movies were supposed to premiere in February and March and have been delayed. A movie further out in the horizon has my attention thanks to the cast: Honey Lee will be the female lead in Killing Romance and will reunite with her Extreme Job squad maknae Gong Myung. I don’t know if they will have a noona-dongsaeng romance in this movie but it’s about a retired top actress married to the ruler of an island country who crosses paths with a young student who has failed the college entrance exam three times. Lee Seon Kyun is reportedly in talks as the husband so that’s three times the awesome if this does happen. Sounds like a funny weird movie from the set up.

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