Tale of Gumiho Ends with a Whimper Ruining the Great Start and a Fabulous Second Male Lead

Man, the last four episodes of tvN Wed-Thurs drama Tale of Gumiho (Tale of the Nine-tailed) has been as bad as the first two episodes were great. The drama started going downhill after episode 6 when it was clear the two leads had zero romantic onscreen chemistry no matter how angsty the backstory written, and the big bad was just this smiling douche with motivations that don’t resonate and actions that fall flat on intensity. The drama averaged around 5% ratings and the last episode got 5.785% so it’s higher than predecessor Flower of Evil took in but I think people must have been bored and wanted to keep watching to understand WHY all of it was happening. That’s my motivation, I figured if I didn’t get the backstory of the Imoogi that would bother me, and in the end I didn’t get anything meaningful. The ending was fine if you like dumb happy ones that make no sense, and Goblin fits that bill too but the first 15.5 episodes of Goblin were phenomenal so it gets a pass but Gumiho sucked for the majority of its run. The best part was Kim Bum‘s second male lead Lee Rang, such a hurt little boy who still does the right thing, and in the end he got the ending that leaves a mark.

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Tale of Gumiho Drops Below 5% in Ratings for Episode 6 as the Mythology and Prior Life Entanglements are Slowly Doled Out

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Tale of Gumiho Drops to 5.100% Rating in Episode 5 as Sympathy Grows for Little Bro Lee Rang and Sheds More Light on the OTP Backstory

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