Sisyphus: The Myth Introduces Kim Byung Chul as the Big Bad Head of Sigma and Replaces Musical Director Starting with Episode 9

It’s kinda do-or-die week for jTBC Wed-Thurs drama Sisyphus: The Myth, heading into episodes 7-8 which would then wrap up the first half of its run. Last week’s ratings dropped but it has a chance to at least chalk up the messy and nonsensical sequences in the earlier episodes has worldbuilding pains and get its act together for the crucial meaty period. Episode 6 ended with the Big Bad revealed to be actor Kim Byung Chul, which the production spoiled a few weeks ago by saying he’ll show up midway through the way and play a big role and we all saw the character poster with the frosted image of a unseen person. I loved Kim Byung Chul especially when he’s playing a baddie cuz he’s so creepy bad like in Goblin. Plus the Control Bureau chief and minions are all so incompetent we need a genuinely dangerous enemy. I would say the writing and directing is Sisyphus’ biggest enemy lol but the production is instead changing out the music director of the drama with the switch happening in episode 9. Honestly the music is fine and the least of its problems sigh.

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