Park Jin Young in Talks to Join Kim Da Mi and Jeon So Ni in Remake of C-movie Soulmate

Okay, this is so not fair to one female lead and tips the romance pre-release in favor of the other just by casting alone, lol. K-actor Park Jin Young is considering the male lead role in the female-centric best friends for live K-movie remake of the hit C-movie Soulmate (Qi Yue Yu An Sheng). The female leads are Kim Da Mi and Jeon So Ni and if he accepts it’ll be a reunion with Jeon So Ni from playing the college age OTP of the main leads in weekend drama When My Love Blooms. I didn’t like the drama very much but did watch every weekend til nearly the end when I had to admit the story and central romance didn’t make me root for anyone in particular. Kinda felt like it was crafted by checking the boxes rather than an organic story needing to be told. Conversely Soulmate is an exquisite and amazing movie about two very strong young woman so I’m looking forward to the K-remake especially with a few years having passed so the remake won’t be immediately compared with the original.

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jTBC Drama Itaewon Class Ends with 16.548% Along with Park Bo Gum Cameo and A-list Arrival for Park Seo Joon

There’s no denying it now, K-actor Park Seo Joon is officially an A-lister and totally deserving of it. His headlining jTBC drama Itaewon Class finished this Saturday with a ratings high 16.548% which is a series high though not a network … Continue reading

2018 Grand Bell Awards Fetes Burning as Best Film and Departed Kim Joo Hyuk Wins Best Supporting Actor

I can’t say the 2018 Grand Bell Awards (Daejong Awards) were all that exciting mostly because K-movies haven’t really excited me in recent years. There is still envelope pushing and creativity for sure but the days of Old Boy and … Continue reading