Kim Go Eun and Jinyoung Perfect Capture Their Playful Chemistry From Yumi’s Cells 2 for Elle Korea Pictorial

The story of Yumi’s Cells is already writ in stone, at least in the webtoon. There are three male leads and the current season of Yumi’s Cells 2 is only on the second man in her life. But rather than feel like a placeholder, Jinyoung‘s Yoo Babi makes it feel like a natural and so sweet progression for Kim Go Eun‘s Yumi to find love again after her breakup with Woong and also doesn’t stress me out too much that Yumi-Babi isn’t the ultimate end game. I think it’s because the drama does such a good job of showing how relatable Yumi is in going through the 7 stages of break up to new love, so if/when it happens again we all know Yumi will get through it and have hope she will find another worthy man who loves her. I’m enjoying Yumi’s Cells 2 so so much and it’s all thanks to the impeccably acting of Kim Go Eun (so cute) and the warm appeal of Jinyoung which the two capture beautifully in this Elle Korea pictorial.

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Yumi’s Cells Smooths Out in Episodes 3-4 as the Kind and Considerate Budding Romance Elicits Smiles From the Viewers and Cells Alike

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