Kim Hye Yoon Considering New jTBC Drama Spring Snowflake with PD and Screenwriter of Sky Castle

This is not a surprising reunion and definitely a very smart one all around. K-actress Kim Hye Yoon is considering the offer to be the female lead in upcoming jTBC drama Spring Snowflake (Snowdrop) helmed by the PD and screenwriter of hit drama Sky Castle. She was one of the main younger cast leads and definitely sky rocketed to the next level with her performance. I think her next drama after Extraordinary You was a misstep on her part, I get that she’s young and doing a fun youth drama is a nice change of pace but the role brought out her less than engaging performance qualities onscreen namely she is so annoying when she aegyos. I like her when she’s cold and serious and even warm but mature. She’s still top of her age group actresses and I hope this drama turns out to be a win-win for her and the production.

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