Post Scandal Kim Hyun Joong Spotted by Media at Airport

A career with a clear expiration date such as an athlete eventually arrives at that juncture of when is the right time to hang up the hat. Stars can evolve their careers as they ago, for the most part, but sometimes there are pitfalls too big to ever recover from. That’s what I feel about singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong, the man needs to retire from the entertainment industry and take whatever money he has earned over the years, and still left after his multi-year protracted legal cases with his ex, and invest it in something income generating. The media spotted him at Incheon airport this week and he was looking so squirrely one would think he was persona non grata rather than simply a former star with a rock bottom reputation. The outfit and his demeanor are just no bueno, please just quietly go away dude, but sadly he won’t as he’s been promoting in Japan and seems to still have a career there. Continue reading