Kim Hyun Joong in J-ent Magazine and Preparing for Year End Music Comeback in Japan and China

Sometimes you hear of something forthcoming and just think “NOPE” and this is one of those for me. Disgraced but not criminally liable Korean singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong is reportedly planning a year end music comeback, to the sound of his loyal fans clapping and the rest of the world face palming. I’m sure he’s made enough money over the years that he can buy a few houses and invest in a few cafes and call it a life living off the returns. Whether the impetus is financial or he simply has to be a star, or maybe has music he needs to write to get off his chest, Kim Hyun Joong has decided that the dog poo pile of a scandal he crawled out of isn’t enough to stay away from the limelight and is currently working on his new album containing songs he wrote. His comeback towards the tail end of 2017 will be focused in Japan and China, and the former has already indicated it’s openness to his return by featuring Kim Hyun Joong in the cover and pages of a J-ent magazine. I can’t tell if its Kim Hyun Joong of his Madame Tussaud’s wax figure because the level of spackled makeup and dead eyes trying to portray soulful is freaking me out. Continue reading