Kim Hyun Joong’s Drunk Driving Case Transferred to Prosecutor’s Office

The Kim Hyun Joong drunk driving arrest from last week is moving forward on legal consequences. His case has been passed from the police department to the prosecutors office for handling, which means the police have sufficient evidence for the case to proceed. That’s no surprise since drunk driving hinges on whether he was in a moving vehicle and whether his blood alcohol level as measured on the scene is greater than the legal limit. In this case police arrested him in a car stopped at an intersection, found him asleep at the wheel, and measured his blood alcohol content at 0.075%.

There is even street security camera footage at the scene that contradicts his agency Key East’s initial statement that he was asleep for 3 minutes and also only drove the car 1 km to move it at the request of a parking attendant. Camera footage showed that he was asleep at the wheel for 15 minutes and drove the car 3 km in distance before he passed out at the intersection. Bro, maybe it’s time to go reflect some more cuz clearly your past reflecting didn’t work. Continue reading