Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook Introduce Their Dual Sides in New Teaser for Her Private Life

I know everyone has a professional side for the external world and a personal side for their private life just as the title says for the upcoming tvN drama. Her Private Life isn’t just about female lead Park Min Young‘s capable museum curator and secret idol fangirl duality, it’s also about male lead Kim Jae Wook‘s two sides where he’s her cool art museum director boss by day and online netizen nice guy persona at night. I actually don’t see anything wrong with the private lives of these two people considering there is way worse concealed stuff going on in real life whether it’s people we know or stars we see onscreen. Having a harmless hobby like stanning an idol boy or creating an onscreen handle and personality is overall harmless and here will be quite cute to see these two spark flames as they peel back the divide. Continue reading

OCN Supernatural Thriller The Guest Premieres to Solid Ratings for Effective Scary Story and Cinematic Visuals

The newly premiered OCN Wed-Thurs drama The Guest (or Hand: The Guest) feels like it came one month late. It should have premiered in August during the traditional lunar new year ghost month because it is hella creepy and thoroughly … Continue reading

OCN Supernatural Thriller Hand: The Guest Confirms Cast of Kim Jae Wook, Kim Dong Wook, and Jung Eun Chae

The drama with one of the worst sounding titles is off to start with one of the best casts around, insofar as it makes for somewhat of a Coffee Prince reunion. OCN religious and supernatural themed police thriller Hand: The … Continue reading