Yoo Teo, Kim Ok Bin, and Kim Ji Hoon Cast in 2022 Netflix Romance Drama Love Battle

The Netflix production wagon continues into 2022 and one of the dramas on the slate is a opposites attract modern romance called Love Battle. The drama has quite an interesting main cast as stars I don’t usually associate with this type of genre. Yoo Teo and Kim Ok Bin will be playing the leads with Kim Ji Hoon has the second male lead. Yoo Teo is a top actor who has trust issues with the opposite sex and Kim Ok Bin is an entertainment lawyer who hates to lose to men and the two fall into a battle of love wits. Kim Ji Hoon will be playing the president of Yoo Teo’s agency. Directing is the PD of Lie After Lie with the script by the writer of My ID is a Gangnam Beauty and Cunning Single Lady. This drama sounds like it will be entertaining and even moreso with this super good looking sharp cast of main leads.

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2021 Baeksang Award Nominations are Out with a Murderers Row of Nominees in the Drama Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor Categories

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The Hyun Soo-Hee Sung Showdown Finally Arrives in Episode 15 of Flower of Evil Along with New Ratings High of 5.083%

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Episode 14 of Flower of Evil Hits New Ratings High of 4.767% as Hyun Soo and Ji Won Stay Aligned to Capture Accomplice Baddie Hee Sung

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