Happy Filming Stills as the Cast of Heirs Prepares to Say Goodbye

It’s finale week for Heirs/The Inheritors and the production released a batch of happy, playful, and very pretty BTS pictures of the main cast playing the high school students. I have so many jumbled thoughts might as well discuss my … Continue reading

Press Conference and Long 14-minute Drama Preview for the Star-studded Heirs

You know that existential crisis moment when you’re reading a book and land on a sentence and find yourself reading it over and over again because suddenly words don’t compute? That is usually a signal to put that book down … Continue reading

Second Teaser for Heirs Drops and Kim Woo Bin Confirms Long Time Relationship with Model Yoo Ji Ahn

In the spectrum of good, better, best, the second teaser for Heirs or The Inheritors lands squarely in good. It’s better than the first one, but that one didn’t even make it to a decent and interesting level. This one … Continue reading

Highly Anticipated Heirs Releases First Video Teaser

“It’s okay, baby!” Those are the first words we hear from Lee Min Ho’s lips in his turn as the exiled high school rich boy in Heirs or The Inheritors (Those Who Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight: The Heirs). … Continue reading

SBS Releases Character Stills for the Entire Main Cast of Heirs

I worry that covering the high profile Heirs or The Inheritors is going to be cause for my blood pressure going up, what with everyone having an opinion about the leads, the chemistry (or lack thereof), the concept, you name … Continue reading