Veteran Stage Actor Kim Joo Hun Steals Scenes as Hyung to Park Bo Gum in tvN Drama Encounter

To me tvN Wed-Thurs drama Encounter (Boyfriend) is the drama that keeps on giving, like a Christmas tree that deposits a hidden present every time I shake it. I can devote a post to every scene stealer in a drama where the OTP is holding their own, such as cupid Manager/Driver Nam or put-upon Secretary Jang and of course Jang Seung Jo as the still in love with ex-wife second male lead. But this post is devoted to another breakout star from the drama Kim Joo Hun who plays the owners of the seafood restaurant and hyung to Park Bo Gum‘s sunshine male lead. From his permed mop of hair to facial hair, he caught my eye from the moment he showed up to catch up with Jin Hyun upon his return from Cuba and subsequently all his hilarious interactions with Secretary Jang and also Jin Hyuk’s matchmaking younger brother. Kim Joo Hun is a veteran stage actor with only a few dramas and movies but a long career on stage so it’s a treat to see him finally venture out and impress me with his charisma and acting ability. Moar please! Continue reading