Famous Director Kim Ki Duk Accused of Violence and Coercion Towards Actress on Set of Film Moebius

There is a legal case in South Korea that involves the film community and pulls the curtains back on the production dark side of movie making. Famed auteur film director Kim Ki Duk has been sued by unnamed 41 year old actress A for violence and coercion stemming from his 2013 dark and perverse movie Moebius which involves family dysfunction, castration, incest, and self-mutilation. The lawsuit by A alleges that Director Kim was violent towards her on the set and then attempted to coerce her into filming a violent rape scene that was not in the script and was added.

She refused to film and was subsequently replaced by actress Kim Eun Woo who played the female lead role in the released movie. The allegations that an likely well-known veteran actress was slapped around by a demanding movie director and then pressured to filming a scene she didn’t agree to beforehand doesn’t sound salacious as much as depressing and highly likely to have happened. Kim Ki Duk’s defense was that he was trying to get A into the role and may have hit her while directing her, and that the filming of a rape scene not previously agreed to was a misunderstanding. Continue reading