2018’s Lowest Rated and Critically Panned K-drama The Great Seducer Mercifully Ends

I gotta give credit to the cast and crew of MBC drama The Great Seducer for working so hard despite the awful to watch results. I give it an A for effort (I think) and only ask that the failed elements from writing, directing and acting not participate in future dramas. Perhaps leading lady Joy is the easiest target, the low hanging fruit of why idols should not also cross-over and try to act. Her few drama efforts fall so far short of good acting it should be a case study for aspiring actors to spot bad acting.

A promising young actor like Woo Do Hwan and Moon Ga Young couldn’t make a dent in lifting the weakness around them and in the end this hyped too much drama perhaps had one saving grace in that it’s lowest rated AGB nationwide rating of 1.5% did not break 2017 drama Manhole‘s lowest rating ever of 1.4%. Perhaps there is another win if rumors are true that Woo Do Hwan and Moon Ga Young are dating in real life thanks to meeting on this drama, but so far both sides have swiftly denied this juicy report. Continue reading

Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Min Jae Enter the Idol Life in First Script Reading for KBS Drama The Big Hit

Judging from the wide smiles at the table read for upcoming KBS variety drama The Big Hit, this is clearly a story that entertains the talented cast assembled to bring it to life. Nearly two years after the different and ambitious … Continue reading

Guest Stars and Supporting Characters Shine in Goblin as the Drama Integrates All Characters Seamlessly

Everything feels connected in Goblin in ways both substantive and logical within its fantasy narrative. Supporting characters tug at the heartstrings or make one seethe with anger, and guest starring roles are memorable and meaningful. The leads have the lions … Continue reading