Kim Sa Rang Drops Out of Mr. Sunshine and Kim Min Jung in Talks to Take Over Role

There’s a casting change this week in K-drama land that isn’t quite as explosive and intrusive to the drama filming as what happened with SBS hit thriller Return needing to replace its leading lady midway through airing. K-actress Park Sa Rang has dropped out of the upcoming Kim Eun Sook period drama Mr. Sunshine, with initial reports that it was due to her health but her agency later clarified that it was a scheduling conflict. Mr. Sunshine stars Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri as the leads, with Yoo Yeon Seok as the second male lead. Kim Sa Rang’s character is the second female lead and reportedly had a lot of scenes with Byun Yo Han‘s character. Filming has commenced for the pre-produced drama already but Kim Sa Rang had not started filming yet so switching her role now is not going to cause a delay to the filming. An offer is out to Kim Min Jung to take over and she’s considering it. Continue reading

Kim Soo Hyun Leads the VIP Attendees at Jang Hyuk and Son Hyun Joo’s New Movie Ordinary People

The movie Ordinary People is certainly a forgettable cinematic title used more than once before, but at least the cast of the upcoming K-movie isn’t ordinary in the least. Starring Jang Hyuk and Son Hyun Joo, it’s a twisty psychological … Continue reading

Overseas K-drama Filming Sends Goblin to Canada and Man to Man Heads to Hungary

Overseas filming looks to become part and parcel with the trend of pre-producing K-dramas, which makes practical sense since there is plenty of time to plan the more technically challenging filming and to ship everyone out. Two upcoming cable network … Continue reading

Kim Soo Hyun and Go Doo Shim Split the Daesang at the 2015 KBS Drama Awards

Just because KBS is the ratings pits all year doesn’t mean it can’t throw a fun awards party and reward the acting talent that has attempted to infuse some excitement and life into the network’s drama. Things were going swimmingly … Continue reading

Kim Soo Hyun Wins Daesang at the 4th Annual APAN Star Awards

To the surprise of no one, Kim Soo Hyun racked up another Daesang this weekend, taking home the top prize at the 4th annual APAN Star Awards for his performance in Producer. Kim Hee Sun won Top Excellence Female in … Continue reading

18th Annual Busan Film Festival Kicks Off with K-stars Walking the Red Carpet

The 18th annual Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) kicked off yesterday in the seaside town of Busan, South Korea with lots of glam and anticipation. Featuring 301 movie selections from 70 countries shown over 10 days, BIFF has cemented its … Continue reading

The Pink Ladies of the Vogue Girl March Edition

Vogue Girl Korea‘s March issue is it’s annual pink issue, and this year it assembled another batch of starlets to model for its Pink Wings charity campaign – this year its to help young adults who are their families’ main … Continue reading