Kim Min Kyu Flashes His Dimpled Sunshine Image for Singles Pictorial and Signs on as Male Lead in Upcoming Fantasy Romance Drama

K-actor Kim Min Kyu is now confirmed for his next role after the breakout success in A Business Proposal, and will move on to the male lead role. He’s signed on for the fantasy romance drama High Priest Lembrary adapted from the web story Holy Idol. It tells the story of a god from another world who comes to Earth to battle a demon king but finds himself in the body of a popular male idol. Of course hijinks ensue and it already sounds entertaining and with plenty of eye candy. He’s also in the June 2022 edition of Single Korea magazine in a super bright and cheerful pictorial and just screams summer is here so go out and enjoy the fresh air and fun life.

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Rising Actor Kim Min Kyu Breaks Out with Second Male Lead in A Business Proposal and Picks Nam Joo Hyuk in Twenty Five, Twenty One as His Ideal Role

Breakouts happen in K-drama land only when the right actor/actress meets the right role, it’s tough and I appreciate it moreso because it introduces me to someone I may not have noticed otherwise. The latest breakout is Kim Min Kyu … Continue reading

Episode 8 of A Business Proposal Goes Back Up to 10.8% as the Sweet Relationship of the OTP Fully Heats Up

The latest episode 8 of A Business Proposal wasn’t as snappy and uproariously charming as episode 7 but it maintained the high energy and movement forward. This episode also went back up over 10% in ratings to a new high … Continue reading

SBS Mon-Tues Romance Drama A Business Proposal with Ahn Hyo Seob and Kim Se Jung Premieres to Ratings of 4.9%, 6.5%

The new Mon-Tues SBS drama A Business Proposal (Office Blind Date) arrived this week and its reception was as expected the same degree as the drama hewed close to the webtoon its adapted from. The first episode got 4.9% AGB … Continue reading

Adherence to the Webtoon Turns A Business Proposal Drama Posters into Candy Colored Cuteness

Seeing the just dropped suite of drama posters for upcoming SBS romance A Business Proposal (Office Blind Date) makes it actually seem cute in a derpy way. The adherence to the webtoon visuals was clearly the marching orders and while … Continue reading

Choi Tae Joon and Sooyoung’s Pre-filmed Drama So I Married An Anti-fan Gets Streaming Platform Release End of April 2021

A long time on the shelf is better than forever on the shelf and the cast and crew of the K-drama adaptation of manhwa So I Married an Anti-Fan will finally see the end product. The drama was filmed in … Continue reading