Kim Myung Min and Hyeri in Joseon Creature Feature with K-movie Monstrum

This looks like the perfect movie for long flights, the kind of mindless and hopefully fun entertainment to help pass two hours quickly. Next week is the premiere of K-movie Monstrum with Kim Myung Min as a Joseon government official and warrior sent to slay an aquatic and land monster terrorizing the commoners and causing unrest for the nobles and King. He’s aided by Hyeri and Choi Woo Shik who seems to have traded his zombie baseball bat for a sword. Neither seem all that capable of slaying a giant beast rampaging while Kim Myung Min seems like he picked this one for the paycheck and chance to say he was in a fun creature flick. Continue reading

Six Flying Dragons Unfurls Visually Captivating Drama Poster and Main Cast Preview

Now this is what I’m talking about when I ask for an intense drama to live up to it’s visual awareness. More often than not drama productions produce posters that are merely serviceable and do nothing in service of selling … Continue reading

Lawyer Redemption Drama A New Leaf with Kim Myung Min Premieres this Wed on MBC

I love Kim Myung Min’s acting and in dramas alone he’s tackled so many indelible archetypes and made each on completely different. It’s high time he’s played a lawyer and tomorrow MBC premieres it’s transformed-man-legal-drama A New Leaf (Repentance). Co-starring … Continue reading

A New Leaf Starts Filming with Kim Myung Min, Park Min Young, Kim Sang Joong, and Chae Jung Ahn

I find MBC the major network with the most diverse line-up of offerings in its Wed-Thurs slot, which probably cosmically balances out its nearly two year long sageuk streak in the Mon-Tues offering. If I go back exactly one year … Continue reading