L to Enlist for Military Service at the End of February 2021 and Schedules Fanmeeting

Consider me a L (Kim Myung Soo) convert. From a straight up visual with zero (stiff) acting ability, his last 6 years have been spent showing me how hard he’s trying and how much he keeps improving. He doesn’t seem to let failure stick and earns his stripes with sheer effort and results. K-media is calling him the comeback boy after delivering the lowest rated K-drama with Meow: The Secret Boy but then turning KBS around now with the gradual success of sageuk Secret Royal Inspector. I feel like he’s really on a roll now but sadly it’s time to enlist and better just get it done with. He’s heading to the marines on February 22nd but will hold a fan meeting prior to that as well as releasing a solo album. Nicely done and so much work so as a noona fan I just want to make sure he doesn’t burn out before checking in for duty.

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