Kim Nam Gil Lounges Around for November High Cut Pictorial

I’m still savoring summer tvN medical and time-travel drama Deserving of the Name (Live Up to Your Name), a drama that has undone all the ill will and WTF-kery that Dr. Jin left behind in that specific genre. I can’t decide which of the two leads did better in Kim Nam Gil and Kim Ah Joong, which really means both were just as good and that’s quite a rarity these days when inevitably one lead has to compensate for the lacking in the other. I feel like Kim Nam Gil must have enjoyed the filming because his character ran the gamut of personality traits that I sense the real Kim Nam Gil has, grit when needed and goofy when he can be. For fashion pictorials like this latest High Cut spread it’s nevertheless always smexy Kim Nam Gil, the one that turns on the eye sizzle and poses with a carefree je ne sais quoi confidence. Continue reading

Posters and Funny Teasers for tvN Time-traveling Doctor Drama Live Up to Your Name with Kim Nam Gil and Kim Ah Joong

This reverse Dr. Jin snuck up on me but the surprise factor totally worked with this one because I’m unexpectedly intrigued with it’s lighthearted teasers when the concept seemed more dramatic and serious. Live Up to Your Name (Deserving of … Continue reading

Posters and Movie Trailer with Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin Leading a Rollicking Band of Joseon-era Pirates

Now this looks like a great Summer popcorn flick! The first teaser trailer has dropped for the upcoming Korean movie Pirates, which of course garners the immediate association that it’s going to be a Korean version of Pirates of the … Continue reading