First Poster of Kim Rae Won in Sci-fi tvN Thriller Drama L.U.C.A.

Two reasons to be hopeful about early 2021 thriller tvN drama L.U.C.A.: The Beginning, the PD and the network, otherwise this one seems too ambitious for its britches. The first posters are out for the drama starring Kim Rae Won as the lead, though it was first courting Ji Chang Wook who passed on the project. The male lead has special powers but no memory and has to run away from baddies chasing him while trying to uncover a big conspiracy. L.U.C.A. stands for last universal common ancestor so we’re maybe talking about cloning here. Directing is the PD of Black, Voice, The Guest, and Liar Game with the script from the screenwriter of Chuno, Fugitive, and Your Honor. The drama will take over the Mon-Tues time slot in early February from Awaken (Day and Night).

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