Kim Rae Won and Gong Hyo Jin Cast in K-movie The Most Ordinary Romance and Reunites 15 Years After K-drama Snowman

It’s been 15 years since two very young K-actors was first starting out in their acting careers when they had a chance to work together and now they get a chance to reunite on the big screen. Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Rae Won are cast as the leads in romance movie The Most Ordinary Romance which is just described as a very ordinary romance between leads who are thirtysomethings. This reunites the two talented actors from K-drama Snowman from 2003 where she was the teenage female lead and he was the second male lead forever pining for her while she had a crush on her much older brother-in-law played by Jo Jae Hyun. Dang now that K-drama is neigh unwatchable with Jo Jae Hyun’s sexual misconduct scandal from earlier this year. Plenty of viewers wanted Gong Hyo Jin with Kim Rae Won anyways so I’m very happy to see them featured for The Most Ordinary Romance and cast in age-appropriate and experience equal parity. Continue reading

Shin Se Kyung Plays Two Roles and Seo Ji Hye is the 200 Year Old Antagonist with Kim Rae Won the Titular Black Knight

Filming is ready to start for upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs early winter drama Black Knight, which sounds all sorts of odd and interesting. The interesting part is the story and the odd part the casting, I would have switched up the … Continue reading

K-stars Descend on the Red Carpet of the 2017 Busan International Film Festival

If there is just one fashion slayer on the red carpet for a Korean entertainment event then I’m a happy camper, even better if it happens to be one of my beloveds. The opening night of the 2017 Busan International … Continue reading