K-actor Kim Sun Ho to Make First Acting Return in Summer 2022 Theater Production of Documentary Survival Tale Touching the Void

This is such a smart move and one that I really believed he should take if he wanted to slowly return to acting. K-actor Kim Sun Ho has been cast in the upcoming July 2022 Seoul theater stage production of 2003 documentary movie Touching the Void. It’s based on a true story of two friends Simon Yates and Joe Simpson who survived a mountaineering disaster in the Andes. Kim Sun Ho debuted in theater and it’s comparatively low key venue for him to return to acting with less spotlight from the K-media and K-netizens. He joins the cast of mostly theater regulars including Lee Hwi Jong playing Joe Simpson and Jung Hwan as Simon Yates. I say this is Kim Sun Ho’s first return since his October 2021 scandal because the movie he just finished filming Sad Tropics is not yet scheduled for a release so this theater play will definitely come out before that.

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Ahn Bo Hyun Steps in for Kim Sun Ho in Romance Movie 2 O’Clock Date with Yoona While Lee Hyun Woo Takes Over in Ensemble Film Dog Days

One out of three isn’t bad for K-actor Kim Sun Ho in crafting his slow comeback, and it looks like all projects are moving forward one with him and two without him. After his October scandal with his ex-girlfriend, Kim … Continue reading

Squid Game and Kim Sun Ho Make the List of Top 10 Most Searched Terms on Korean Google for 2021

The helpful Google search engines continues to be the go to platform for anyone seeking information and the Korean search words in 2021 helps understand what was on people’s minds in Korea. Without splitting by category or top, only 2 … Continue reading

2021 Asia Artist Award Popularity Voting Closes with Actor and Actress Winners Kim Sun Ho, Song Ji Hyo, and Jung Ho Yeon

The upcoming Asia Artist Awards, one of those hybrid and trendier awards shows that bring together actors and idols, is all set for early December. The voting was open the last month for the popularity awards and for the actor/actress … Continue reading

Dispatch Article Claims Kim Sun Ho’s Ex-girlfriend’s Behavior During the Relationship Contradicts Her Statement, K-netizens Don’t Buy it and Thinks its a Paid Hit Job

Well the second wave is here and this is turning into the Kim Hyun Joong scandal all over again, in the sense that it’s a reveal, then a statement, following up tabloid expose and so on and so forth. I … Continue reading

K-ent Youtuber Lee Jin Ho States in New Video that Salt Entertainment’s Contract with Kim Sun Ho Was Not Set to Expire For Another Year and the Fallout Was Solely Between Kim Sun Ho and His Ex-Girlfriend

The week is coming to a close and it feels like this place and all over K-ent it’s been all about K-actor Kim Sun Ho. That’s unavoidable as his scandal and subsequent fallout was indeed a big deal in the … Continue reading

Kim Sun Ho’s Ex-girlfriend Posts Update that She Accepted His Apology, Did Not Want Her Post to Have Caused So Much Harm, and Her Lawyer Threatens to Sue Media and Netizens for Doxxing Her and Disseminating Her Image and Information

The scandal cycle is on the down parabola now for k-actor Kim Sun Ho. He went from career high on Monday morning with the weekend completion of Hometown Cha Cha Cha, which finished with ratings breaking 12% and the drama … Continue reading

Three Upcoming K-movies Sad Tropical, Dog Days, and 2 O’Clock Date Remove Kim Seon Ho as the Male Lead, He Has No Further Active or Pending Projects in K-ent

This appears to be the wrap up portion of the Kim Sun Ho scandal, which has been a roller coaster three days worth of breaking allegations, silence, public speculation, fan denial, and now admittance. He has now admitted to the … Continue reading

Kim Sun Ho Issues Formal Apology Statement, Admits Relationship with Ex-girlfriend and Apologizes for Hurting Her, Will Leave 1D2N and All Filmed Scenes to be Cut

The hardest thing is to take responsibility especially if there are dire consequences, but then to hope to recover one day then it must be the first step. K-actor Kim Sun Ho just released an official statement this morning, nearly … Continue reading

K-ent Youtuber Lee Jin Ho Drops 12-minute Video Explaining Salt Entertainment’s Delay in Providing an Explanation is Due to the Identity of Kim Sun Ho’s Ex-girlfriend Being a Hugely Problematic Hit to His Reputation if Revealed

Well known Youtuber Lee Jin Ho, who was a K-ent reporter before turning to his own YT channel, was the first to announce that the Actor K in the allegations posted by a woman was Kim Sun Ho. That was … Continue reading

Salt Entertainment Makes Statement Nearly 24 Hours After Kim Sun Ho Scandal Breaks and Still Checking on Veracity, 11th Street, Nau, and La Roche Posay Delete Him From Official Instas, and Costars Cancel Scheduled Hometown Cha Cha Cha Interviews

A burgeoning scandal is like a fire. It can die on its own if it’s small and has no tinder (truth and/or coverage), but if it has legs behind it then the only way to stave off burning the house … Continue reading