First Character Teasers for Two Cops Introduces Jo Jung Seok as Serious Cop and Playful Swindler

The premise of MBC Mon-Tues drama Two Cops is interesting but for the fact that it borrows from so many elements of recent dramas I’m rather fatigued. Jo Jung Seok is a serious cop who ends up sharing a body with the soul of a swindler and together they end up solving more cases, all good but right now there’s the cop with a different soul drama going on over on cable with OCN‘s Black. Then there’s Hyeri as a hard hitting investigative report and immediately I think of Suzy‘s character in While You Were Sleeping, and well you get my drift. This feels like the early aughts when Hallyu dramas were all about incurable diseases and birth secret backstories, and for some reason I kinda want a throwback in that direction for nostalgia sake lol. Regardless I still plan to check out Two Cops, Jo Jung Seok playing two roles is too juicy to pass up! Continue reading