Warm and Cozy Holds Drama Press Conference and Releases 6-minute Long Preview

I can’t say the leads of Warm and Cozy are already warm and cozy around each other, but they certainly are color coordinated and cheerful. If Yoo Yeon Seok can please remove his distracting lipstick then the whole look is dapper and fun,¬†while Kang Sora‘s dress just avoids looking like a gingnam curtain wrapped around her by the waist ribbon save, and the fact that she’s got a glorious figure to distract from the less than chic frock. The leads sartorial complementing look aside, the whole cast was nicely decked out at the press conference with plenty of Martha’s Vineyard’s ensembles to go around.

The highlight of all press conferences, aside from the fashion successes and failures, is the chance to catch the long drama preview at the end. Warm and Cozy dropped a 6-minute long preview that provides the first full look at the story – Seoul girl goes to Jeju and hijinks ensue with rich wastrel boy who lazes away his life on the island, or something like that. The upside is that the long preview didn’t suck, and there are plenty of drama long previews that make me run away screaming in and of itself. The downside is that the long preview imparts the same mealy impression as the bland and uninspiring drama posters. Check it you for yourself and see if it tickles your fancy. Continue reading

Records of a Night Watchman Holds Classy Press Conference and Release Spoilery Long Trailer

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MBC Releases Action-packed First Teaser for Records of a Night Watchman

It’s finally time to pull back and the curtains and see what Records of a Night Watchman has to offer. The first teaser preview is out and it’s definitely worth checking out. It looks less sageuk and more historical fantasy. … Continue reading

Records of a Night Watchman Hints at Potential Hot Mess with New Stills of Jung Il Woo and Yunho

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