Work Colleagues Praise Rain’s Devotion as Husband in Rushing Home to Wife Kim Tae Hee

This is just a sweet anecdoctal story about two K-stars I’m fond of, and a nice ray of positivity worth sharing. Actor-idol-producer Rain is currently running on all cylinders, having spent the last few months filming the upcoming K-movie Uhm Bok Dong and now serving as producer and mentor on music variety show The Unit, plus preparing for a December comeback as a singer.

On top of this he’s expecting his first child with actress wife Kim Tae Hee, and the staff on his movie and variety show have both shared with media that Rain is a super devoted husband and soon-to-be-daddy who rushes home after filming and then does the housework. Of course this could be just good media play but all signs point to Rain being totally caring and besotted with his wifey, and a recent spotting (picture below) of the couple out at the coffee shop in their neighborhood confirms that Rain only has eyes for his honey when she’s talking. Continue reading