Kim Tae Hee Returns from Maternity Leave with Striking Black and White Elle Korea Pictorial

It’s been nearly a year since K-actress Kim Tae Hee and her actor-singer husband Rain welcomed their first child, a baby girl in October of 2017. Since then he’s had a drama comeback with jTBC police procedural Sketch and it appears Kim Tae Hee may be following suit soon as she just dropped her first post-baby pictorial with Elle Korea. It’s a beautiful black-and-white set of photos that capture Kim Tae Hee’s vaunted natural facial features that South Korea continues to hold up as the female face standard among all standards. She’s in her late thirties and will soon be following in the footsteps of past top actress beauties like Kim Hee Sun who weathered acting criticism in her thirties but now in her forties has settled into roles that showcase a noted performance improvement. Looking forward to Kim Tae Hee’s acting comeback in the near future and curious how she’ll map out her acting roles post marriage and baby. Continue reading

KBS Releases 2018 Ranking of South Korea’s Top Entertainer Beauties of All Time

The list is subjective of course but I’m always curious to see if the populace views beauty how I may perceive it. The 2018 list of 30 Top Korean Beauties of All Time and I foresee debate over the top … Continue reading