Kim Dae Mi, Kim Hee Ae, and Park Bo Gum Lead the 2020 RACOI Values for 2020 Buzzy Actors and Actresses Combined with Drama Ratings

RACOI is a kind of system for value analysis in South Korea, achieved by estimating the value of broadcast program contents based on not only viewing rates combined with viewers’ responses from lots of social media activity (i.e. search, mentions, etc.). Since it’s a combo method, an actor or actress with a highly rated drama but not a lot of online buzz will rank lower than one with a moderately successful drama but a lot of online buzz and so forth. This is interesting and aligns with some viewer commentary and a drama’s success must also be viewed with how the leads are trending and generating feedback online.

For the year 2020, these are the actors and actresses with RACOI content values of higher than 1000: leading the pack is Kim Da Mi of Itaewon Class with 2506, followed by The World of the Married‘s Kim Hee Ae with 2455, coming in third is Park Bo Gum in Record of Youth with 2072, and the only other above 2000 is Son Ye Jin in the fourth spot with 2021 in Crash Landing on You. Kim Soo Hyun after It’s Okay to Not be Okay is in fifth with 1925 just missing breaking 2000. The remainder are: Lee Min Ho has 1818 with The King: Eternal Monarch, Hi Bye, Mama! got Kim Tae Hee 1633, Jo Han Seon in Stove League got lots of buzz with 1444, Do You Like Brahms‘ female lead Park Eun Bin received 1361 followed by Suzy with 1188 in Start-Up, and last but not lead Jo Jung Seok in Hospital Playlist rounds out the over 1000 crowd with 1130.

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