Full Set of Character Posters for SBS Sageuk Red Sky Showcases Each Lead in a Different Genre of Story

Okay, I totally love the character posters for upcoming sageuk Red Sky (Lovers of the Red Sky or Hong Chun Gi) but probably not for the reason SBS wants me to. I don’t think its any good or visually all … Continue reading

New Novel Covers for Hong Chun Gi Provides Sneak Peek at Leads Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob’s Romance in Upcoming SBS Adaptation Red Sky

I’m taking a wait and see approach for upcoming SBS sageuk romance Red Sky (Lovers of the Red Sky or Hong Chun Gi), there isn’t much value in conjecture on quality or back stage shenanigans so I’ll keep opining on … Continue reading

K-ent Discusses SBS Toggling the Name Placement Between Leads Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob in Various Promo Materials for Sageuk Red Sky

In entertainment products it’s a HUGE deal where one’s name is listed in the cast list. I’ve heard it built into the contract and stars throwing hissy fits over it. For K-dramas it’s usually a non issue as even the … Continue reading

Light and Dark Brush Work Paintings Create Illustrative and Lovely First Official Teaser Posters for SBS Sageuk Red Sky

SBS is totally playing coy with the promos for upcoming sageuk romance drama Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi), it has assembled a gorgeous cast but the production continues to tease without putting the leads front and center (yet). Two new … Continue reading

K-netizens Assemble the Grown Up and Glowed Up Top Drama Child Stars of the Last Two Decades with Yoo Seung Ho, Yeo Jin Gu, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim So Hyun, and More

It’s one of the mysteries of K-drama land where a precocious and adorable child star will after the time jump turn into the male or female lead who looks nothing alike. I mean, pre-teen Yeo Jin Gu turned into 25-year … Continue reading