Long 7-minute Trailer for Flower Boy Next Door Premiering Monday

We’re hours away from the premiere of the tvN cable drama Flower Boy Next Door so why don’t we ramp up the interest even more by watching the long 7-minute trailer released during the press conference. Starring a young and fun cast of Park Shin Hye, Yoon Si Yoon, Kim Ji Hoon (the oldest of the group, Go Kyung Pyo, Kim Jung San, Park Soo Jin, and Kim Yoon Hye, the story revolves around a painfully shy and cloistered girl who has a crush on her neighbor across the way and peeps at him as her sole outlet to the outside world. When her crush’s cousin from Spain arrives, her solitary and orderly world gets turned upside down. I read the official character descriptions and some little details have been tweaked. Yoon Si Yoon plays a genius video game developer who is back in Korea to play cupid for his first love and his cousin, who like each other but haven’t gotten together out of consideration for his feelings. Kim Ji Hoon is a wannabe webtoon artist with a failed series called Zombie Soccer and he ends up drawing something called Flower Boy Next Door with the female lead modeled off of Park Shin Hye’s introverted wallflower. Watching the long preview, I was chuckling and guffawing the entire time, especially when Park Soo Jin showed up dressed like a furry pink polar bear. Apparently her character looks trendy but is in truth rather dim and clueless, and she develops a crush on Kim Ji Hoon’s character. If she becomes endearing I’ll totally root for them to get together in the end. I feel like the drama has gathered together a great group of interesting characters and is aiming to tell an uplifting and humorous story beyond just the romance side of getting the OTP together. So far the chemistry fairly leaps off the screen, especially in the scenes with Park Shin Hye and Yoon Si Yoon. I’m fairly confident this drama won’t disappoint but I’ll find out shortly. Continue reading