Ha Jung Woo Leads the Korean Male Fans Pick of Their Top 20 Manliest K-actors

I’m always entertained by lists and polls, offering a snapshot of the general reaction to the topic at hand without needing to take it seriously. The latest list is interesting in how many selections elicited approving nods from me. tvN did a poll of Korean males to ask who their favorite manly actor was and the top three is basically as perfect as it gets. Leading the votes was one of Korea’s favorite box office leading man behemoths in Ha Jung Woo, followed by so sexy it hurts Cha Seung Won, and rounding out the top three is my I Lub You Jung Woo Sung. So much rawr I can’t even.

I find this particular poll adorable because it’s asking men what they think of other men, albeit the other men are all handsome, rich, and famous. It’s notable that the majority of picks are true manly men in K-ent, ones who are conventionally handsome and/or skew towards brutish charisma. But a few flower boys snuck on the list in Won Bin, Jo In Sung, Hyun Bin, and Kim Soo Hyun, and with those choices I’m a little bemused. Won Bin is hampered by his incredible good looks but he is actually more of a character actor who can go full manly in his roles, but I’m never ever thought of Jo In Sung as manly and Kim Soo Hyun is a fave of mine but is so slight as to be unassuming outside of his acting roles. Continue reading

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