Kim Young Dae, Park Joo Hyun, and Kim Min Ju Cast in Fusion Sageuk Romance K-drama Joseon’s Ban on Marriage

I feel like this casting is ripe for winning the assemblage of leads with no track record of success in one drama but I do want the drama to be worth watching so I will just hope for the best. Casting is done for upcoming sageuk romance Joseon’s Ban on Marriage, adapted from the same name webtoon. Kim Young Dae will play the male lead with Park Joo Hyun as the female lead. The second female lead is idol-actress Kim Min Ju and reported idol-singer Kwon Hyun Bin has been offered the second male lead. This is going to be so interesting either in epic expected fail or epic surprisingly good. The story is about a Crown Prince of Joseon who bans marriage in the nation after his wife dies, and 7 years later a swindler woman arrives claiming she has possessed by the spirit of the Crown Princess. Of the four only Park Joo Hyun has shown she can act consistently but she just lacks onscreen charisma, she’s good in non-romance roles like in Mouse otherwise I just don’t vibe her. The drama is slated for a second half 2022 filming with an eye towards year end airing.

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Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young Make Cameo as Their Characters in Find Me in Your Memory for tvN Drama Shooting Star as Favor to PD

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Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae Playfully Preview Their Chemistry for Upcoming Drama Shooting Star in New Pictorial

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Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae are Opposites Bicker and Fall in Love in First Teaser for tvN Entertainment Industry Drama Shooting Star

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Kim Young Dae Leaves KBS Drama School 2021 After Filming Begins, in Talks as Male Lead for Lee Sung Kyung’s Next Drama Shooting Star

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K-netizens Share More Great Future Pairings of Actor and Actress They Want to See Together in a Drama Including Park Bo Gum-Kim Ji Won, Park Seo Joon-Jung Yumi, and Kim Sun Ho-Seo Hyun Jin

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