Episode 11 Brings Interloper and Doubts to the Burgeoning OTP Romance

It’s a testament to how much I’ve come to love the leads in Marry Me or Not that even ancillary obstacles get my goat up. I know Justin’s mother is not going to meddle in any way substantive, at least not if Justin can help it, and neither is the arrival of his law school junior in a cameo by Kimi Hsia. The real problem of these two stacked decks is how it affects Huan Huan, the girl who puts on a bitch facade with aplomb but is a marshmallow sweetie underneath.

She doesn’t really want to destroy anything in her quest for love, which means she’s no match for the truly devious out there. But even minor intrusions would be enough to ruffle the relationship because of the shaky ground that she was the former fiancee of Justin’s cousin. Not a deal breaker but also gossip fodder for two generations of Sunday dinners. I find the modern approach towards love of MMoN refreshing and realistic, and I am looking forward to how the drama deals with traditional views versus practical realities of romantic fluidity. Continue reading

The Best of TW Acting Talent on Display at the Gorgeous 49th Annual Golden Bell Awards

The 49th Annual Golden Bell Awards totally snuck up on me when it flooded all the TW-ent media portals this weekend with picspam galore. The TW-version of the Emmy’s celebrated the great television programs and performances of 2014 and most of the … Continue reading