Kimura Takuya Celebrate Wife Kudo Shizuka’s 50th Birthday and Daughter Bake Treats for Mom

A 20-year marriage is a meaningful milestone and especially when it comes with top star couples under the brightest of limelight. Top J-star Kimura Takuya and his two daughters celebrated the 50th birthday of Kudo Shizuka this past week, she’s a few years older than KimuTaku and back then it was yet another ding against her when news broke that she was with the biggest star in J-ent. Shizuka basically retired from her own singing career when she married KimuTaku 20 years ago in 2000 and raised their two daughter both of whom have debuted within the past year to modeling careers. They are a notoriously private family when raising their kids but now both are grown so it’s nice to see KimuTaku make public posts about his wife who truly put up with a lot and its wonder to see them make it with such happiness around them.

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Snapshot of the Most Popular Japanese Actors of 2014 From Popular Year End Polls

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