Jeon Ji Hyun is Stunning and Fit at the Netflix Press Conference for Kingdom: Ashin of the North

This Friday was the Netflix streaming release of Kingdom: Ashin of the North, the stand alone side-quel to the currently two season strong Kingdom zombie K-drama series. Early reviews are positive and point out how the backstory of Ashin and the resurrection plant is actually wayyyyy darker (not in lighting but in tone) than even the Kingdom series has been so far. Lots of events where people are being evil even before zombies descend. Jeon Ji Hyun attended the press conference wearing a really cool and striking cutout dark blue dress with black patent booties, and she’s definitely even skinner and fitter than before. She also cut her long hair short and the only time I’ve seen her cut her trademark long locks was in 2014 when she needed to do it for her role in the movie Assassination. Her current look is probably from all that mountain climbing filming Cliffhanger (Mount Jiri) and perhaps even the recent tabloid gossip about problems in her marriage. It’s not easy living in the spotlight and needing to stay top notch in delivering acting performances and visual pretty both of which she still possesses in spades.

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Netflix Holds Press Stage to Introduce Slate of 2021 K-dramas Including Sea of Silence, Hellbound, D.P., Kingdom: Ashin of the North and Many More

Holy smokes what a diverse and rich line up Netflix has in store for K-drama viewers in 2021. The network held a press stages yesterday to showcase its upcoming dramas and released official stills for each, a veritable smorgasbord of … Continue reading