Jeon Ji Hyun Revealed to Have Important Cameo at the End of Season 2 of Kingdom with Big Role in Season 3

Wow, I can’t believe this stealth was pulled off but kudos to the production team. K-ent is reporting that top actress Jeon Ji Hyun will be in the cast of Netflix zombie sageuk Kingdom seasons 2 and 3. Her role will start at the end of season 2 into a major character in season 3. Kingdom has done filming for season 2 this past summer and Jeon Ji Hyun was on set for her scenes but it was all done secretly. Cool beans, I think it’s such a coup for the fantastic drama to land her and hopefully it’s a great use of her star power without it distracting from the gripping and scary tale. Jeon Ji Hyun will join current leads Joo Ji Hoon, Bae Doo Na, and Ryu Seung Ryong and Kingdom 2 premieres in early 2020. Continue reading

Japan Hits a Home Run with J-movie Adaptation of Popular Manga Kingdom with Perfect Leads Yamazaki Kento and Yoshizawa Ryo

Sorry this post is a few months late but I didn’t have the chance to watch it in the Japan theaters and only caught it last week on a long trans-Pacific flight but holy schmoly was it hella entertaining. I’m … Continue reading

Netflix Zombie Sageuk Drama Kingdom Premieres to Great Reviews and Readies for Season 2 Filming

Netflix premiered the 6-episode K-drama Kingdom this past weekend and I devoured it much like the zombie hordes in the story. It was riveting and fast-paced, and the short 6-episodes flew by ending with a helluva cliffhanger. Thankfully the second … Continue reading