Hyun Bin Picks Another Movie Playing a Master Conman in Kkoon Opposite Yoo Ji Tae

It’s another movie for Hyun Bin! He’s probably still smarting from the epic fail in ratings and quality of his last K-drama Hyde, Jekyll, Me, but more likely just making savvy project choices in film due to the continued uneven quality of television fare. Filming has wrapped for Binnie’s upcoming North and South Korean thriller movie Cooperation costarring Yoo Hae Jin and Kim Joo Hyuk, and now he’s rolling this summer into filming Kkoon with Yoo Ji Tae. I’m more interested in the swindler themed Kkoon, with Binnie playing a master conman who has fleeced over 30,000 people with dogged prosecutor Yoo Ji Tae hot on his heels. His MO is to con other shysters and in this movie he goes after one final big con on another master swindler. Continue reading