Kim Jae Wook and Krystal in Discussion for Romance Drama Crazy Love

I have my doubts about this casting coming through but I will never look a gift horse in the mouth. Kim Jae Wook may be making his first drama return in nearly three years with the romance drama Crazy Love, which I am so much squee about it’s not even funny. But I’m less enthused that his leading lady will likely be Krystal who has been offered the role, and currently neither are confirmed. It’s the story of a tutoring center group CEO who pretends to have amnesia when he’s told that he’s on the hook for murder, and his mousy secretary who cosplays as his fiancee to help with his plan. It’s basically a bizarro world plot elements switched up version of Why Secretary Kim. I think Krystal would be playing a role totally against her cool competent young woman image which is nice but she tends to have like one acting mode and I would have wanted a more broad ranging female lead opposite Kim Jae Wook but eh if he accepts I’ll wait him opposite anyone.

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