Short Hair Definitely a Trend in 2017 with K-actresses in Real Life and Drama Roles

When coincidences hit a certain number is when a trend emerges and 2017 definitely smells of short hair with K-actresses. I don’t mind but this time around with the short hair trend I’m not feeling most of the looks. Idol-actress Krystal is the latest to get onboard this train and is doing it in real life and not for a drama. Most of the other actresses like Jung So Min, Suzy, Ha Ji Won, etc. have either donned short wigs or cut their hair for their drama roles, and Han Hyo Joo recently went short for a magazine pictorial. I loved Shin Se Kyung‘s short hair but it’s about an inch longer than the other actresses and that likely makes all the difference in framing her face rather than making it seem like the head is too small or big for the body. What are your thoughts? Is short hair always refreshing every few years to change things up or do certain actresses either in age or facial features should stay away from short all the time? Continue reading

Script Reading Stills For Answer Me PD’s Next Drama Wise Prison Life with Jung Kyung Ho, Park Hae Soo, and Krystal

Smar There seems to be a mild surge in prison or prisoner K-dramas in the last two years, I recall Bad Guys and Defendant and now the Answer Me series PD Shin Won Ho is jumping into the fray with … Continue reading

Nam Joo Hyuk Trades in Laughable Fantasy for Modern Good Looks in New Stills and Preview for Bride of the Water God

Nam Joo Hyuk was one of those who made it out alright in the hot mess K-drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, looking a dash more modern as the 13th prince but still suitably decked out. He should be the … Continue reading

Bride of the Water God Releases Moody Drama Poster Contrasting with Slapstick Episode 1 Preview

Talk about whiplash in moods as the first group drama poster for Bride of the Water God arrives followed by a completely different tonal one for the episode 1 preview teaser. It’s like the static posing of the cast promises … Continue reading

C-netizens Vote for Top 10 Asian Beauty Poll with Gao Yuan Yuan and Yoona Leading Off the First and Second Place Spots

It’s equal parts Chinese and Korean starlets when it comes to what the Chinese netizens think are the top echelons of Asian beauty. A Baidu poll this month voted by Chinese netizens ranking the Top 10 Asian Beauty is a … Continue reading

Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung Lead Cast Script Reading for Bride of the Water God

The upcoming K-drama adaptation of manhwa Bride of the Water God has many unknown elements from cast to narrative conversion from period fantasy to modern times. It’s the kind of unknowns that have sunk many a K-drama in the past … Continue reading