Lego Lee and Nikki Hsieh Reunite for 2018 Romance TW-dama Meet Me @ 2006

I’m so excited for a new TW-drama to look forward to, and while the industry has many new faces I’m forever partial to the familiar ones that I’ve loved for the last decade. A fave pairing of mine is reuniting and it feels so good – Lego Lee and Nikki Hsieh are back together for upcoming romance Taiwan drama Meet Me @ 1006 (Chinese title The Resident of Room 1006), and they seem to have an affinity for the @ in their drama titles as their first pairing was the flawed but adorable Love @ Seventeen.

He plays an arrogant successful lawyer who has never lost a case until he loses one big time and with it goes his career, so he ends up moving into a strange apartment complex in room 1006 and encounters a mysterious girl in his unit. The supporting cast includes Aggie Hsieh and recently married Kun Da, who was asked at the press conference about newlywed life with wife Alice Ke. The drama premieres in March 2018 and I can’t wait, and apparently the only reason Nikki and Lego accepted their drama was hearing the other was cast so clearly they loved working together on Love @ Seventeen as much as I loved watching them as an onscreen couple. Continue reading

SETTV Holds Thank You Banquet with Stars and Brand Sponsors in Attedance

Taiwan’s biggest producer of nicely packaged idol dramas SETTV held a thank you banquet at the Taipei Le Meredien over the weekend, the second successive big celebrity packed event at the fancy hotel after Mark Chao and Gao Yuan Yuan‘s … Continue reading

SETTV Daily Drama Love Cheque Charge with George Hu and Yuan Ai Fei Releases Cute First Teasers

I always welcome a good daily drama which feels like an unassuming watch that takes nothing out of me. Commitment is not needed since one can stop and go without missing much, and it’s perfect as treadmill fodder. In the … Continue reading

The Pretty Faces of SETTV Dramas Playfully Welcome the Holidays for December Spop Magazine

There won’t be any new SETTV drama premiering in Taiwan from here until year end so the network has rolled out its annual Year End Drama Awards which is an audience vote prize that is clearly based on popularity. Other … Continue reading