MBC Mon-Tues Drama Welcome 2 Life with Rain and Lim Ji Yeon Hold Script Reading

This drama feels like a reverse version of Knowing Wife (Familiar Wife) and that’s both a good and potentially bad thing. Last year’s hit tvN drama Knowing Wife was made incredible and utterly perfect by the acting and chemistry of the two leads Ji Sung and Han Ji Min which helped ground the fantastical concept of a man driving through a magical coin operated toll booth and going back to made a different decision so his present day has a different life. A similar conceit is behind upcoming MBC Mon-Tues drama Welcome 2 Life with Rain as the selfish defense lawyer who falls into a parallel universe and finds himself now a righteous prosecutor and married to Lim Ji Yeon who his jerky self dumped ten years ago in the other time line. I like a do-over drama, who doesn’t dream of changing bad decisions or getting a different possibility, but I hope this one has a characters we can root for and great chemistry between the leads. Continue reading

K-stars Attend 2016 Asia Artist Awards in in Safe and Pretty Fashion Choices

Last week was the 2016 Asia Artist Awards,¬†which was by all accounts a giant steaming mess with ceremony glitches and a hodge podge of categories that made the very award seem superfluous. With that said, this awards ceremony managed to … Continue reading

Major Moody Intensity in Store for Supernatural Sageuk Mirror of the Witch

Seeing more of the teasers and behind-the-scenes look at upcoming jTBC fantasy-tinged sageuk Mirror of the Witch slowly eases me into anticipation. The real life major age gap between back from the army Yoon Si Yoon and teenage Kim Sae … Continue reading

Posters and New Stills Hint at the Romance Between Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Sae Ron in Mirror of the Witch

I may find upcoming cable network jTBC supernatural tinged sageuk Mirror of the Witch pretty as a picture in all the promos, but it’s still a tad nerve wracking to anticipate it knowing the big age gap between the leads … Continue reading

Dreamy Character Posters for Mirror of the Witch Set the Mood for an Otherworldly Tale

Fantasy tinged sageuk drama Mirror of the Witch (Witch Exemplar) is certainly setting the right visual tone with the first set of character posters. The layout isn’t innovative but the color tones and expressiveness of each actor brings the mood … Continue reading