Cha Seung Won, Kim Sung Kyun, and Kwang Soo Team Up for Disaster Comedy Film Sinkhole Premiering August 11th

Movie releases are still not back to the pre-pandemic levels or hype otherwise summer is always a weekly check of what big new movie is coming out. South Korea has really cemented the genre of the disaster comedy which sounds like mutually exclusive but if the disaster part has no deaths and just a lot of running around then the comedy portion works. I still remember how much fun movies like Exit are and the upcoming Sinkhole fits the exact same profile – quirky South Korean every man and woman in a wholly improbable situation need to hard scrabble a way to survive and escape. Starring Cha Seung Won, Kim Sung Kyun, Kwang Soo, and rising young actress Kim Hye Jun, there is so much talent in the cast and the director has plenty of experience with this type of flick having directed Sector 7 and The Tower. I can’t imagine an entire movie about a bunch of people stuck in a residential building that’s fallen into a giant sinkhole and they need to escape but I’m sure the escape part will be less important than the bantering and silly antics.

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Collection of the Tallest K-actors in 2020 for Your Viewing Pleasure

I’ve watched K-dramas for so many years I’m almost inured to how insanely good looking the actors are and many who have equal talent to boot as well. Recently two dramas had me doing double takes and marveling at how … Continue reading

2019 Asia Artist Awards Lines Up Top K-stars Yoona, Park Min Young, Ji Chang Wook, Jang Dong Gun, Jung Hae In and More

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Korean Male Stars Show Off their Height with Sexy Dorky Manner Legs

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Young K-stars Out in Force to Support Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul at VIP Premiere of Midnight Runners

The cool friends contingent was out in force to support the bromance cop antics movie Midnight Runners starring Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul. The former is coming off a well-received turn in K-drama Fight My Way while the … Continue reading

Stylish Drama Posters for Korean Entourage Sets the Stage for Entertainment World Bromance

Dang, so much hats off and kudos to the production design team of tvN‘s upcoming remake of hit US show Entourage. The drama posters are excellently stylish and evocative, blending sleek entertainment world glamour with bromance insouciance. The top one … Continue reading

EXO, Yoo Ah In, and Hyeri Lead the 2016 Forbes Korea Top 40 Celebrity Power Rankings

The list is out for Forbes Korea magazine’s annual ranking of the 40 Most Powerful Celebrities, a ranking that takes into account a whole host of factors including buzz, name recognition, successful projects, number of CFs, and so forth. I … Continue reading

Kris and Zhao Li Ying Crowned King and Queen of the 2016 Weibo Awards in Beijing

Nothing looks as good as having a hottie doting fiancee by one side, and the star couple of Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen were definitely the major standout at the just held Weibo Awards in China. I feel like K-ent … Continue reading