K-ent Reporting that Lee Jong Seok is Dating Former Hello Venus Member Turned Actress Kwon Nara

This is an unexpected mid-summer surprise dating news! K-ent is reporting that actor Lee Jong Seok, who is currently enlisted in the military doing public service duty due to a prior physical injury, is dating idol-turned-actress Kwon Nara. I had to Google her and found out that she was formerly a member of sexy idol girl group Hello Venus and after disbanding has been steadily pursuing an acting career with a handful of supporting roles in K-dramas. The relationship started after Lee Jong Seok’s agency A Man Entertainment signed Kwon Nara earlier this year and the two have been spotted together and even at his cafe. She totally reminds me of Lee Na Young for some reason, which would make fans of Lee Jong Seok’s last drama Romance is a Bonus Book happy that he may be dating Lee Na Young’s doppleganger. Congrats if this is true! Continue reading