Shin Hye Sun is a Cold Ballerina in First Stills for KBS Fantasy Romance Dan, Only Love

The first thought I had when I saw the drama stills for upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs drama Dan, Only Love is that it was just good enough but not wholly believable. Ballet is an entire body dance form not just going en pointe but from the shoulders to the arm lines to the fingertips, a ballerina lives ballet in her every moment. K-actress Shin Hye Sun plays a top ballerina for Dan, Only Love but honestly her Thirty But Seventeen second female lead former top ballerina in real life Wang Ji Won would have been tailor fit for this role. Otherwise it’s just Shin Hye Sun cosplaying a ballerina, though it’s of course perfectly fine for an actress to play a profession through acting it out. I also had the same problem with Min Hyo Rin in Triple so it’s just certain artistic pursuits that is hard to mimic perfectly simply through acting skills alone. Continue reading

Asia Artist Awards 2018 Delivers True Popularity Contest Winners and Typical K-fashion Styles

The Asia Artist Awards are the true purveyors of a popularity contest and if it wasn’t for actors and actresses getting random awards along with the idol and pop stars I’d probably not cover it. This year the highlight was … Continue reading

jTBC Wins the New Cable Premieres at Miss Hammurabi Doubles the Ratings of tvN Drama About Time

The viewers have spoken and its a resounding ratings and feedback win for jTBC legal drama Miss Hammurabi which premiered this Monday opposite fellow new cable arrival About Time on tvN. Miss Hammurabi brought in nearly double the ratings of … Continue reading

Yoo Seung Ho and L Look Like Inverted Twins in Matching Outfits at Wrap Party for Ruler: Master of the Mask

And it’s a wrap for the young and successful drama cast of the MBC sageuk Ruler: Master of the Mask, with the run scheduled to end next week and the production already ahead of the usual live filming schedule were … Continue reading