Whisper Releases Three Drama Posters Mirroring Dark Intensity from Defendant

SBS ended Mon-Tues K-drama Defendant on a high note this week, with the final episode taking in 28.5% AGB nationwide ratings, just shy of breaking 30% but a major achievement for the production and the network. Follow up drama Whisper continues in the same intense genre and its just released drama posters are basically derivatives of Defendant’s posters but not in a bad way. If viewers tuned in for Defendant then there’s a good chance they will check out Whisper, which seems like a drama that is all about justice and righteous struggle with a side of main lead romance between Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon that was missing in Defendant. Continue reading

Lee Sang Yoon May Reunite with Lee Bo Young for Punch Writer’s New Drama Whisper

There’s finally some solid drama casting news to savor rather than yet another slew of idols dipping their toes into acting. Upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama Whisper, to come after Defendant with Ji Sung, is finding solid actors and actresses to make the … Continue reading

K-ent Discusses the Eight Hallyu Stars Who Still Deliver Solid Drama Ratings in Recent Years

I feel like there are a handful of Korean drama actors and actresses who maintain success in the industry despite the declining ratings across the board, and the group is definitely larger than the eight being discussed here. K-news portal … Continue reading