SBS Weekend Drama Good Witch with Lee Da Hae, Ryu Soo Young, and Bae Soo Bin Releases First Teaser

Whenever I see a bunch of dolled up Korean actors and actresses on a photo set with a lavish backdrop, chances are it’s poster filming for a weekend drama. These sprawling affairs with a large cast and many intersecting story lines are there for the steady weekend fix of family with a dollop of makjang, and how big that dollop is varies from drama to drama. Upcoming SBS weekend drama Good Witch has one huge makjang element in that leading lady Lee Da Hae is playing twins, the good sister who is married and the unmarried flight attendant sister, and someone the married good sister has to pretend to be the other one. Good sister is married to Bae Soo Bin‘s character while the flight attendant sister works with Ryu Soo Young as a airline pilot. The drama is from the PD of My Heart Twinkle Twinkle and Temptation of Wife, with the screenwriter of Birth of a Beauty and One Well-raised Daughter. Continue reading

School-aged Pictures of Popular Hallyu K-actresses Show the Before and After

I did a post awhile back on the school age before and after pictures of Korea’s male stars. It’s time for the ladies counterpart post and who better to top it off than the three renowned prettiest actresses in Korea. … Continue reading

Six Times Fashion Fail as Popular K-stars Attend Eclectic Gentle Monster Runway Show

It’s quite the ensemble of fashion fail that gathered in Seoul this week for the 2016 collection from brand Gentle Monster. Some may love the eclectic looks but every single major star in attendance crossed that fine line between fashionably … Continue reading