Lee Seung Gi’s Official Korean Fan Club Releases Statement that the Club Did Not Hire the Truck Chastising Him on Dating Lee Da In, But Some Individual Fans Did Do That

Oooh, pass the popcorn, there’s a schism and fight fight fight going on within Lee Seung Gi‘s official South Korean fan club also known as Airen. Last week Lee Seung Gi confirmed he was dating actress Lee Da In, and days later a truck with an LED billboard was seen driving around Seoul scrolling a message warning to Lee Seung Gi to not date her since she was the daughter of a stepfather convicted of securities fraud with her mom also reportedly playing a part in it but not charged with any crime herself. This is clearly trying to shame and pressure him into ending a personal relationship and I’m side-eying people who think their support of an actor/star entitles them to behave this way. This week the official fan club released a message that the club did not hire the truck but admitted individual fan members did do it. So it wasn’t an official club stance but clearly a breakaway faction felt so strongly to spend this money and do it. At least this shows us Lee Seung Gi’s entire fan club hasn’t collectively lose their marbles, and I’m sure he’ll lose fans because of this but the public admonishment and implicit threat towards him to break up with Lee Da In is really beyond the pale.

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Dispatch Releases Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In Pictures After Dating Confirmation, K-netizens Overwhelmingly Not Happy with Lee Seung Gi’s Choice

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SBS Fri-Sat Drama Alice with Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun Premieres to Increasing Ratings and Excellent Narrative and Emotional World Building

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