Filming Commences for jTBC Thriller Sketch with Rain, Lee Dong Gun, and Lee Sun Bin

There’s currently something about noonas and rain going on at jTBC Fri-Sat but come mid-May all the flirting and slice-of-life romance will give way to stopping killers by sketching out the future three days in advance. Filming has started on thriller K-drama Sketch starring Rain, Lee Dong Gun, and Lee Sun Bin along with veteran actor Jung Jin Young. The three leads play detectives and cops teaming together to stop a serial killer with the supernatural conceit that Lee Sun Bin’s character can sketch the three days into the future. Both male leads are dealing with a dead fiancee and wife, respectively, so there’s a personal vengeance component to it. Directing is the PD of Yoona’s Street, The Duo and Air City with the screenwriter of Hidden Identity and the movie The King’s Case Note. Continue reading