Episode 11 of Tale of Gumiho Does a Brotherly Feint as Imoogi Makes His Moves on the Female Lead with Ratings of 4.863%

Man, Tale of Gumiho is starting to piss me off. So much potential, a great cast, and the plot developments are wildly frustrating. Imoogi (who I shall call Bowl-cut Baddie from now on) is wasting Lee Tae Ri because I cannot discern his modus operandi and frankly I can’t with Lee Yeon either. So much could be avoided with frank conversations but the characters in the know, Hero and Bowl-cut Baddie along with Bitchy Goddess of the Underworld and her starting to get a spine Husband just talk in platitudes and make vaguely threatening and openly snarky remarks. The only good bits remain Poor Brother and his coterie of broken Russian Fox, her sweet as pie Lover Fox/the Vet, and their new charge reincarnated Little Black into a precocious boy. Episode 9 did push the plot forward but goodness it’s not satisfying to watch anymore, sigh.

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