Release Delayed for Horror K-movie Call with Park Shin Hye and Jeon Jong Seo Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

This movie looks too freaky for my tastes now which go towards warm and fuzzy rather than scary and nerve wracking. It’s only that Park Shin Hye is the female lead of thriller movie Call that gets me interested to see her doing a dark and dangerous role. She plays a modern day woman who connects on the phone with Jeon Jong Seo‘s character who is from two decades earlier. Clearly nothing good with come from this and one look at the main movie poster and all four includes including Kim Sung Ryung and Lee El look like they have been through the ringer. The movie was supposed to be released in a week but has now been postponed due to the increased coronavirus outbreak in South Korea so people are avoiding public places and gatherings hence clearly the movie will be affected by this. Postponing is a smart move and hopefully the movie will be released when the situation has been contained. Continue reading

tvN Drama When the Devil Calls Your Name Finalizes Cast of Jung Kyung Ho, Park Sung Woong, Lee Seol, and Lee El

Talk of drama reunions are almost always about the leads in a romantic setting but occasionally the bromance reunion pops up in discussion. Charismatic and talented male leads Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sung Woong must have loved working together … Continue reading

Park Bo Gum and Park Bo Young Take Home Best Drama Acting Prize at 2017 Seoul Drama Awards

It’s already the 12th annual Seoul Drama Awards, one of the lesser known of the many awards ceremonies Korea comes up with to laud its own creativity and prowess but this time it’s so lackluster to the point I think … Continue reading