Kim Jae Wook and Lee El Deny Dating Rumors After Netizens Infer Couples Ring Picture

Hearing dating rumors this week just makes me think “how nice and quaint” when the world of star romance shipping has been torn asunder. Kim Jae Wook and Lee El are caught up in dating rumors, again, and this time it’s from some rings and a finger mole. Lee El posted an SNS picture of her hand wearing two rings, one of which was a large round amber colored stone one. The ring company reposted her picture alongside a man’s hand wearing a similar large ring but square shaped. Clearly both rings are from that company. Netizens think the man’s hand belongs to Kim Jae Wook because of a tiny mole on the inside corner of the pinky finger which is some insane sleuthing if you ask me. Both stars have swiftly denied they are dating and Kim Jae Wook’s side further claims it’s not his hand at all. Oh wells, hope these two are happily bopping along in their lives, dating each other or not. Continue reading

tvN Drama When the Devil Calls Your Name Finalizes Cast of Jung Kyung Ho, Park Sung Woong, Lee Seol, and Lee El

Talk of drama reunions are almost always about the leads in a romantic setting but occasionally the bromance reunion pops up in discussion. Charismatic and talented male leads Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sung Woong must have loved working together … Continue reading

Park Bo Gum and Park Bo Young Take Home Best Drama Acting Prize at 2017 Seoul Drama Awards

It’s already the 12th annual Seoul Drama Awards, one of the lesser known of the many awards ceremonies Korea comes up with to laud its own creativity and prowess but this time it’s so lackluster to the point I think … Continue reading