K-ent Remembers Actress Lee Eun Joo Twelve Years After Her Passing at Young Age of 24

It’s wild to pause and take stock in how quickly a dozen years has passed and this week marks the 12th death anniversary of Korean actress Lee Eun Joo. She passed away at 24 years old at the height of her fame even at such a young age, with a slew of hit movies and dramas under her belt. She’s most remembered in drama land for being the leading lady in Phoenix, which was the drama where Lee Seo Jin played the male lead and Eric of Shinhwa was the second male lead. Lee Eun Joo committed suicide by slitting her wrist and hanging herself in her apartment, leaving a suicide note explaining of her extreme depression some of which were residual from filming her last movie the R-rated The Scarlet Letter which contained many edgy nude scenes. Lee Eun Joo’s passing rocked K-ent and was unfortunately the start of a slew of K-star suicides in the decade thereafter, including very famous stars Jung Da Bin, Choi Jin Shil, and Park Yong Ha. Continue reading