Script Reading For Upcoming KBS Drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol with Go Ara, Lee Jae Wook, and Kim Joo Hoon

I took my time to write about this drama because goodness the title just doesn’t jibe for me. Clearly I’m not musically inclined otherwise I would be writing about K-pop, so being linguistically inclined makes me near tone deaf and the upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs drama is called Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol which means nothing to me but those who read notes please tell me if this note pattern connects with a song lol. This drama stars Go Ara with recently elevated to male lead status rising actor Lee Jae Wook along with scene stealing second male lead Kim Joo Hoon who played the friend in Encounter (Boyfriend) and is now the publisher in It’s Okay to Not be Okay. Do Do Sol Sol is obviously set in the world of piano playing and the leads meet at a countryside piano school so I’m thinking this is another iteration of When the Weather is Nice. I’ll check it out when it premieres in August for the leads and because the drama is from the screenwriter of Shopping King Louis and My Secret Terius.

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Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon Embark on Slow Burn Romance as jTBC Drama When the Weather is Fine Premieres Today February 24th

There is a whole lot of melancholy wrapped in comforting warmth in the poster and long preview for upcoming jTBC romance When the Weather is Fine. Park Min Young returns to the countryside hometown of her high school days, escaping … Continue reading