Ratings for tvN Drama Tomorrow With You Drops by Half by the Third Week

The transition of tvN Fri-Sat drama from the record breaking ratings and buzz of Goblin into the quiet romance of Tomorrow With You has revealed the audience feedback three weeks in. I’ve been busy marathoning another drama so Tomorrow With You remains on my to watch list but I haven’t checked it out yet so it’s surprising to hear that the drama which started off with a decent 3.18% AGB nationwide ratings in episode 1 has fallen by more than half to land at 1.7% ratings for the most recent episode 6. Even by Lee Je Hoon‘s last drama standard which was the cable hit Signal this is a big disappointment and it’ll be interesting to hear from those watching why the drama is failing to connect with audiences and losing viewers by the week? The chemistry of the leads seems warm and strong so is it an underwhelming story or lackluster directing at fault here? Continue reading

Korean Ladies Magazine Picks Top 10 Favorite K-actors as of March 2016

A recent Korean ladies magazine poll at the end of March is an interesting peek into how the domestic female viewers feel about how the hot Korean actors the English-speaking drama world fangirls over. It’s not the same list, that’s … Continue reading

K-drama Breakouts and Un-breakouts of 2012

In an attempt to procrastinate starting my year end reviews, I started wasting time pondering random thoughts concerning the 2012 K-drama landscape. Aside from good and bad dramas, I realized I could actually pinpoint the breakouts of this year (and … Continue reading