Lee Jin Wook, Lee Joon, and Kwon Nara in Talks for tvN Drama The Immortal

Well this certainly seems like a really random combo that I never thought of before. K-ent is reporting that the casting for upcoming fantasy drama The Immortal (Korean title Bulgalsal which could refer to the mythical creature Bulgasalri as well) is taking shape. There are two male leads Lee Jin Wook and Lee Joon, both are the titular Bulgasal or immortal who cannot die. Kwon Nara plays a woman who has been reincarnated multiple times and remembers all her past lives. It’s a love and revenge story as one male lead is after the female lead for causing him to turn into this immortal who must feast on human blood and is slowly losing his humanity. The drama is from the PD of Entourage and totally random aside was offered to Won Bin in 2019 to lure him out but he passed (as always).

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Song Kang, Lee Do Hyun, Lee Jin Wook, and Lee Shi Young Beautiful in Promos for Netflix K-drama Sweet Home Where They Turn into Gritty Monster Hunters

The Netflix original series Sweet Home premiered this weekend, adapted from the popular webtoon of the same name and packed full of big names and IT rising faces. Song Kang plays depressed and suicidal high school student Hyun who moves … Continue reading

MBC Plays Up Male Lead Bromance and Rivalry in New Stills for Monster and Goodbye Mr. Black

MBC is going to face tough competition when it premieres two new prime time dramas in the coming weeks. First is Goodbye Mr. Black on Wed-Thurs, going up against runaway hit Descendants of the Sun and lowly rated but getting good … Continue reading

Main Leads of Goodbye Mr. Black Continue Rocking their Character Visuals in New Stills and Preview

That all the promotional materials for upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama Goodbye Mr. Black look genuinely promising, the official stills moreso than then first trailers for me, bodes well for this latecomer to the competitive time slot. Descendants of the Sun … Continue reading

MBC Revenge Drama Goodbye Mr. Black with Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook Hold Script Reading

Filming is quietly underway for upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama Goodbye Mr. Black, will premieres in mid-March taking over for One More Happy Ending. That’s going to be a major tonal shift, which isn’t a bad thing since SBS shows that … Continue reading