Lee Jing Lei Publicly States that Married Stars Blackie Chen and Christine Fan Did Not Have Inappropriate Relations with Leehom Wang Which Causes Further Scrutiny on Vivian Hsu

Wow this is another smoke bomb bwahahaha, but it certainly continues the week long expose on Taiwanese-American singer Leehom Wang’s execrable sordid married and dating conduct. After Leehom Wang apologized and took full responsibility two days ago, albeit in that gaslighting “I don’t know what I did wrong but I’ll be a man and just take the blame” continued shitty way, he was going to take a break from his public entertainment career and that was supposed to be the end of it. But then a video was leaked purportedly of a foursome engaged in sex that the leaker claimed was Leehom with good friends stars Vivian Hsu, Blackie Chen (Chen Chien Chou) and his wife Christine Fan. Dang! Of course these can be faked easily (hello deepfake videos!) but it still was making the rounds immediately on Weibo and Insta. Leehom’s ex-wife Lee Jing Lei then posted a short statement “Based on my knowledge, Black Chen and Christine Fan did not have an inappropriate relationship with Mr. Wang”. She cleared Black and Christine but everyone is wondering why she didn’t mention the fourth alleged participant in the video Vivian Hsu. Lee Jing Lei said she was asked to clear Black and Christine’s names so she did it as it was the truth but not mentioning Vivian was not indicating she did have inappropriate relations with Leehom or did not. She simply was doing Blackie and Christine’s request on something that she knew to be true. So now the saga continues as Vivian Hsu posted a statement again denying she had inappropriate relations with Leehom, was his mistress, or in any way got involved in his marriage.

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