All of Kim Eun Sook’s Drama Leading Men Assembled in a Visual Walk Down Memory Lane

As top Korean drama screenwriter Kim Eun Sook preps for her next drama airing at the end of 2016, having lined up leading man Gong Yoo (squeeee!), it’s a good time as any to do a catalog of all the K-actors she’s made famous or made even more famous after doing one of her dramas. The most recent two being Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo in Descendants of the Sun, but twelve years ago in 2004 the trend started with Park Shin Yang and Lee Dong Gun in Lovers in Paris.

In those dozen years between, she’s crafted memorable male lead roles that have followed certain actors, such as Hyun Bin‘s iconic Kim Joo Won in Secret Garden, or become a lasting memory in Park Yong Ha‘s beautifully heartfelt performance in On Air. The commonality was that all the male leads were visually gorgeous playing a role that Kim Eun Sook wrote to be as indelible as possible, in ways good or bad or a mixture of both. Enjoy the picture walk down memory lane as we savor the DotS boys for a few more months when their buzz remains high, and look forward to what’s in store for Gong Yoo.  Continue reading

K-Actors and Actresses Glam Up the 2014 MAMA Red Carpet

I was aware that the popular Hallyu K-pop awards show MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) took place in cosmopolitan glittering Hong Kong last week. It came to my attention when the ratings took a big noticeable dip for Pinocchio, meaning … Continue reading

Snap Judgment on the Weekend Showdown of A Gentlemans Dignity versus Dr. Jin

Oh boy. This isn’t going to be pretty. On a fairly flawless weekend where I wandered around the City in magnificent late Spring weather, eating and loling around to my heart’s delight and only stopping to girl talk left and … Continue reading

Funny Supermarket Stills and Second Teaser Trailer for A Gentleman’s Dignity

Hhhhmm, I never thought the picture of four men going grocery shopping could get me this excited. But apparently A Gentleman’s Dignity knew something about my id that I didn’t even know. AGD released new stills that show Jang Dong … Continue reading

First Look at A Gentleman’s Dignity with Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul

Dayum, that’s a nice foursome of real men in suits. The upcoming weekend Kim Eun Sook-penned drama A Gentleman’s Dignity has been quietly and nonchalantly filming for the past month but hasn’t yet started gathering pre-premiere traction in terms of … Continue reading